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Some interesting, must hear, audio has surfaced. It seems the beloved son of Iowa Rick Santorum is not a big fan of individual Liberty. I’ll let you decide:

Santorum had already dismissed limited government in theory. Promoting his book, he told NPR in 2006:

“One of the criticisms I make is to what I refer to as more of a libertarianish right. You know, the left has gone so far left and the right in some respects has gone so far right that they touch each other. They come around in the circle. This whole idea of personal autonomy, well I don’t think most conservatives hold that point of view. Some do. They have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low, that we shouldn’t get involved in the bedroom, we shouldn’t get involved in cultural issues. You know, people should do whatever they want. Well, that is not how traditional conservatives view the world and I think most conservatives understand that individuals can’t go it alone. That there is no such society that I am aware of, where we’ve had radical individualism and that it succeeds as a culture.”

Hmmm… is the former Senator forgetting that the country HE IS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF was founded on these very principles?!? WTF?

Here’s the full audio:

Third Place in Iowa…

…but first place in the hearts of those who have a love for Liberty. You know, this struggle didn’t start in 2007 with the Ron Paul Revolution or the TEA Party. This struggle began in 1776 and is never-ending. The one thing that is true of all governments is that they grow, they seek more and more power and they always end up overreaching. Time has proven that a determined people, even a minority, can turn the tide in favor of freedom and Liberty. History indeed is replete in examples of the chains of tyranny being cast off. Of course, government returns to encroach, enslave and destroy Liberty but there is always a remnant of true believers that stand up against overwhelming odds.

Liberty is that important. Liberty is the flame of humanity that keeps our race and planet going. The year 2012 may be our year, or maybe 2016 or 2020. Or, perhaps the electoral cycle will not be the route in which Liberty prevails. Perhaps a groundswell of 1776-minded persons will turn the tide. The bottom line is that persistence is our key to victory. After victory, which will inevitably come for Liberty and her followers, our watch-word becomes vigilance. Tyranny’s evil head will always pop back up on the horizon. So, this trail is a very long one with valleys and mountains. Our guide now is an honest doctor named Ronald Ernest Paul. Tomorrow’s guide will be someone else, but always and evermore, we march towards Liberty, Peace, Prosperity for the United States and every individual therein!

God Save Liberty!

Drudge has a caucus poll up and we need to support Dr. Paul. Vote, vote, vote!

1/3 +1

As President, Ron Paul says he can govern with only 1/3 +1 of the congress behind him. That’s only 146 members. How? you say. Think about it, its easy. It takes 2/3 of congress to override a presidential veto. If President Paul has 1/3 PLUS 1 then his veto of bills that include pork, deficit spending, foreign aid abortion funding, etc could all be vetoed with no threat of overturning.

An interesting thought. Most pundits and talking heads always tout the “majority” or “super majority” as the vaunted stepping stone to ultimate party power. Well, if you’re a tax-and-spend Fed-loving war monger like most past presidents, then yes. If you’re a strict constitutionalist with the goal of downsizing government, 1/3 +1 is all you need!

Pretty cool, huh?


RON PAUL 2012!

If life were an ocean, and ships were political parties, the S.S. Liberty would be the ship with the biggest cabins, tastiest menu, best entertainment, highest tech with most competent and experienced crew of all. Because the impediments on freedom by government would be gone, ingenuity, creativity and free thought would abound. 

Liberty truly brings people together. From all walks of life, all religions, and all demographics. For instance, if the United States were to adopt its own constitution and actually follow it to the letter, the states themselves could decide on such issues as narcotic prohibition, income taxes, abortion, gay marriage, right to work, etc… The Federal government’s blanket, once-size-fits-all book of laws would -for the most part- disappear.  

If you didn’t like the laws in your state, and all efforts to change it had failed, your family could relocate to a state more to your liking. This would, in effect, create a competitive environment within the Union that would promote Liberty, free markets and less regulation. States that were losing population due to over taxation, burdensome regulation or clamping down on individual Liberty would be forced to change or soon become irrelevant.

On the other hand, what we have now os a Liberty-stomping monstrosity called the U.S. Federal Government. Choices are limited when it comes to moving to freer States. The ever-growing list of national, top-down laws, policies, regulations, statutes and codes is impossible to escape unless you live in an unelectrified mountain-cabin in Alaska.

So, do you have your ticket to the S.S. Liberty’s maiden voyage? It sails into a polling place near you on your states’ republican primary election day. Destination? “RON PAUL.”

Seriously. Do you trust the banking system with your money? The same banking system that has recieved bailouts in order to stay afloat/ avoid bankruptcy? “But, but the FDIC will pay me off if there’s any trouble” you say. Not quite. Consider the following article: FDIC may be Insolvent in a year and check out this article in which VP Biden said: we considered declaring a bank holiday in 2009.

Now, ask yourself the following questions: Has the banking system improved since 2009? Is the U.S. economy stronger than 2009? Well, let me answer both of these queries with a resounding HELL NO and the following bullets:

  • Spending (and therefore the deficit) had increased across the board
  • the debt has exploded as a result of continued drunken-sailor-like spending
  • cha-ching! the printing presses are a 24/7 operation now
  • unemployment is high and relatively unchanged since 2009
  • more banks have failed since 2009
  • U.S. ties to the imploding European banking system are cause for alarm now, unlike 2009

So, I pose the titular question once more….  Is your money safe in the banking system?


Merry Christmas to all!

And may LIBERTY come wrapped in a big red bow for 2012!

Every generation sees a moment in which they believe its, “now or never.” Every generation is usually wrong -until now. Election 2012 will truly be the biggest since 1860. I believe it will either lead to the death and destruction of tyranny or the rebirth of Liberty. The year 2012 will remain in the minds of historians and students of Liberty for 50 years or more. Which way will it go?

God Bless the good people of the United States.

Bush endorses Romney

So anyone left wondering about the extent of Romney’s establishment ties, wonder no more.  There could be no larger or more meaningful signal that Mitt Romney is the Washington, D.C. poster-child than the endorsement of Mr. New World Order himself, George H.W. Bush.


I’m sure Ron Paul is happy about this news. It makes his candidacy even more of a stark difference to Romney’s.


Is Liberty the same as Freedom?

Liberty and freedom are not one in the same. Freedom is the opposite of enslavement, or imprisonment. Being “free” however, does not mean you have much in the way of liberties.

Liberty is the essence of natural rights, which says that YOU have a God-given, unimpeachable claim and ownership to your life and property that no person, group or entity can remove or alter.

In regard to freedom and liberty, societies break down into three classes:

The first class is an authoritarian society like North Korea. Even there, you find free people. Those within the government hierarchy deem who is suitable to be free, to what degree and who are not. Those refused freedom are imprisoned, tortured and/ or killed. In such a society, free people have no claim to the fruits of their own labor, private property or even their own children. Yet, they are “free.”

In the second society where Liberty is paramount, you find the principle of natural rights, and a citizenry whose property rights, lives and peaceful activities are protected by government.

Unfortunately, there is a third society and it represents the majority. This society claims a middle ground which is neither friendly to the tenets of Liberty, nor openly hostile to it. The dangerous tug-of war between Liberty and Tyranny is played on a shadowy battleground which is unfamiliar to those pure in heart, but all too well-known to the tyrants. A game designed to cheat the other player and to wrest control of lives, property and hope.

It is upon that battleground that the United States finds itself. The third society often begins with an abiding love of liberty, but usually ends as a tyranny.  Greece, Rome, Britain, the list goes on.

Freedom is nothing without Liberty. Liberty grows society and promotes progress. Tyranny in all of its dastardly forms is regressive to society and civilization itself. If you cherish your freedom, you must love liberty even more. If you love liberty, you must protect it from harm like you would your own children. If you love liberty, you must not cower, you must not bend, you must not yield.